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Expert Team:

Our mining team is come from IT developers and block chain industry.

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Latest Hardware:

We use latest mining rigs and ASIC chips for fastest mining process.

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Best Affiliate Program:

Every user get 20% affiliate but, we also provide up to 100% affiliate program.

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Daily Payouts:

All miners get their payment in just 24 hours after withdrawal request.

Who we are? Why us?

Upmines is a Bitcoin mining pool created in 2019 by our IT developers and block chain experts. We provide most secure and reliable Bitcoin mining process as well as 24x7 supports for our miners. Nowadays everyone have smartphones and our main goal is to everyone able to have access to cryptocurrency and earn from virtual currency.

Upmines About
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Multiple Data Centers across the World:

Our mining centers are located in multiple countries for best speed. We also use ASIC Bitcoin mining chips for highest speed.

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Daily Payouts:

We provide withdrawals in just 24 hours when miners reach minimum threshold and request for withdrawal.

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Safety and Security:

We use SHA-256 algorithm for security. Our data centers are protected from DDoS attacks and we use multilevel authorization system.

  • Upmine result 4751 Happy Customers
  • Upmine result 132 Good Commission
  • Upmine result 11 Stable Service
  • Upmine result 99 Uptime (%)
  • Upmine result 190 Running Days

Affordable Pricing


  • Earning rate:
    0.00000200 BTC/min

  • 0.00288 BTC per day

  • Affiliate bonus 30%


  • Earning rate:
    0.00002100 BTC/min

  • 0.03024 BTC per day

  • Affiliate bonus 40%


  • Earning rate:
    0.00021000 BTC/min

  • 0.3024 BTC per day

  • Affiliate bonus 50%


  • Earning rate:
    0.00126000 BTC/min

  • 1.81441296 BTC per day

  • Affiliate bonus 100%

Some Interesting Facts About Bitcoin.

First let us know about what is bitcoin and why should you be interested in bitcoin & Bitcoin mining. Most of us are aware about bitcoin but if you are not then let us find out some interesting facts about bitcoins.

There are several aspects about bitcoin like we cannot print bitcoin like dollar, pound, yen or any other fiat currency. Bitcoin can be used digitally if the both parties willing. It can be used to buy things digitally.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency independent of any central authority, it is decentralised money and no single institute controls the BTC networks.

Main drawback of fiat currencies is that banks can print as many as they want. But with bitcoin, there is limited supply maximum of 21 million. The supply of bitcoin controlled by the algorithm.

You can send bitcoins to any other user without disclosing your identity because there is no central validator. And bitcoin transaction cannot be reversed like any other fiat currency, if transaction is recorded on network and more than hour passed then it’s impossible to modify.

Bitcoin Mining.

Have you ever thought how bitcoins generated? As we discussed earlier that bitcoin can’t be printed because bitcoin isn’t physical as well bitcoin can’t be mined like gold. Then why we use bitcoin mining term to describe bitcoin generation process? Okay let’s find out.

Anyone can get bitcoin as a reward by solving a complex mathematical puzzle and this puzzle solving task called bitcoin mining. And for bitcoin mining you need faster computer, its called node or miner.

Right now the bitcoins reward for solving the block is 12.5BTC. But its not that easy to get this amount as reward because there are lots of mining nodes competition for that reward.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining.

If you want to participate in bitcoin mining without managing the complex hardware your own there is an alternative called bitcoin cloud mining.

Cloud mining is done at remote data centres. You only need your own computer for communication, your local bitcoin wallet and a BTC address for payout.

At our cloud mining centre you can get free hashing power to start mining your first coin. We also provide premium mining plans that will give you head start in solving the puzzle. You can also earn for the computation work on block chain.

Join our free bitcoin cloud mining platform start your journey towards your first coin.


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